Route 737 to the Airport Business Park

9 months ago Mon 16th Sep 2019

The fares are changing as from Monday 23rd September 2019.

As a result, the single and return fares to the business park from Bournemouth will be as follows

Adult Single will be £3.20 and the Adult Return will be £4.60

The Adult Day ticket required for travel from Northbourne to the Airport will now be a Zone AB ticket priced at £6.20.

So in real terms, customers who use a Zone A day ticket rather than a return will see a change of 40p per day on a return fare.

Regular users travelling to the Business Park can continue to purchase an Adult Network 7 day on the bus for £18 or a 30 day for £57. No change to existing prices.

At the same time, we have identified that journeys are getting busier and we have supplied a double-deck vehicle for most journeys.

At the request of the Business Community around the Airport Business Park, we have also introduced an additional journey from the park at 1800 to go back to Bournemouth.

If you have any queries regarding please email [email protected]  

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