Saturday service continues into January following the increase in the number of Omicron cases in the BCP Area

4 months ago Wed 29th Dec 2021

As a result of the increase in Omicron cases in the BCP Area, we are seeing both reduced levels of customer journeys and we also have a number of staff away from the business. In order to ensure that we can continue to provide a reliable level of service to customers, we have decided to continue to provide a Saturday service on our commercial network from Tuesday 4 January 2022. This is largely the same service that has been operating over the festive period, our commercial network of services affected are listed below. 

The changes will be as follows: 

  • Routes 1/1b, 1a, 2, 3, 3x, 4, 5/5a, 6 will be operating a Saturday level of service 

  • Tendered routes 18, 33, 36 will be operating a normal service

  • Routes 4a, 6h and 737 will be operating a Monday to Friday service 

  • Route 31 will not operate 

  • Night buses 1n, 1an, 2n, 3n, 5n, 5an and 6n will not operate 

  • School services (both commercial and tendered) will operate as advertised

The tendered routes that we operate on behalf of BCP Council will continue to operate as normal and some normal Monday to Friday services will also continue to operate. 

The number of customers that have been using our services is far below that were travelling in 2019, and therefore we are confident that a Saturday level of service we continue to be appropriate for those travelling. 

Prior to Christmas, we supported the hospitality industry by providing night buses, as a result of the reduction in those travelling these journeys will be cancelled until further notice. 

All of the school journeys that we operate, both those that we operate on a commercial basis and those operated on behalf of individual schools, Dorset Council, BCP Council and Wiltshire Council will re-commence again on the 4th January as advertised by the school. 

Simon Newport, Commercial Director for Yellow Buses and Yellow Coaches commented that "The whole business is determined to continue to provide a good level of service for the communities in which we operate during these difficult times.  Unfortunately, like everyone our staff are suffering from the impact of this virus and we are trying to make plans so that we can maintain a level of service so that we can continue to serve our local communities."

Simon Newport also reiterated the statement regarding face coverings, "We want our customers to feel safe on board our vehicles. Therefore, our message is that we strongly advise customers to wear a face covering when travelling with us to help protect them and fellow passengers." 

He continued, "Whilst on board our vehicles customers can now use every forward-facing seat, and many of the vehicles that we use are double deck offering many seats. Buses are cleaned daily, have hand sanitiser dispensers and we recommend keeping windows open to improve air flow. We continue to monitor where journeys get busy and will either increase the size of the vehicle or duplicate the journey where possible to avoid overcrowding.’ 

"For students travelling on dedicated school buses or home to school transport, the Department for Education has asked that students over the age of 11 continue to wear face coverings whilst on board vehicles”. 

Simon Newport finished, “We know our vehicles are safe, we urge all of our customers to follow Government advice and we are pleased to welcome back our customers”.