Acceptance of tickets on Yellow Buses and Morebus

1 year ago Mon 30th Mar 2020

We will no longer be accepting morebus tickets (and vice versa) from Monday 15th June 2020

The ticket acceptance scheme between Morebus and Yellow Buses will cease at the end of operation on Sunday 14th June. As from the beginning of operation on Monday 15th June Yellow Bus drivers will no longer accept Morebus return tickets for travel. Customers wishing to use the service will need to purchase a Yellow Bus ticket or a Getting About ticket which is valid on both operator services.

The acceptance scheme was put into place when both operators were providing low frequencies on all corridors making travelling around the conurbation difficult. Now that both operators are providing high-frequency services, this scheme is no longer required.

Key workers in Bournemouth and Poole and the surrounding area can now use their bus tickets for either Morebus or Yellow Buses - regardless of which operator issued them - to travel across any of the operators’ buses in the region. 

The companies are working together to allow those who carry out vital roles to travel easily, regardless of which operator their ticket originated from. 

During this very challenging time, the operators recognise the need for key workers - whether NHS professionals or others carrying out vital roles - to get to-and-from work. 

The two are working together to ensure key workers have the best possible opportunity to travel as-and-when they need to. From Monday 30 March until the coronavirus crisis ends, each operator will accept the other’s valid tickets.

Drivers from both operators will recognise returns, dayriders or weekly passes - paper, apps or smartcards. Tickets for journeys across Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole, Wimborne and New Milton are valid. 

That means Morebus’ zone A, AB and ABC tickets will be accepted by Yellow Buses drivers and vice versa by Morebus drivers. 

For more information about Morebus, please visit and for Yellow Buses please visit