The Alum Chine playground has recently been extensively refurbished to create an amazing play space inspired by ‘Treasure Island’ and features a number of adventurous play elements inspired by the famous novel whose author, Robert Louis Stevenson, lived at the top of Alum Chine between 1885 and 1887. 

Play elements inspired by the novel include a beached, desert island ship wreck; spy glass hill lookout with a working telescope; a woodland trail which leads to an actual treasure chest – see if you can find it; and the skeleton of Captain Flint pointing the way to his buried treasure. Other features include water play pumps, as well as traditional playground items such as large double width slide and basket swings. The refurbishment has seen the size of the original playground increased to incorporate the sandy bank behind. The playground also features more seating and picnic benches for all the family to enjoy and is surrounded by new planting along a tropical theme. 

Much of the timber used within the playground has been recycled from groyne timbers removed from the beach earlier this year as part of upgrades to coastal defence, providing a rustic, ship-wreck feel to the playground.

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