Routes 46 and 81 are dedicated school services that serve Avonbourne Academy. Routes 2 and 33 are Zone A network services.

Route Area Served Timetable
46 Throop - Avonbourne Academy via Moordown - Winton - Charminster - Bournemouth Station - Boscombe - Pokesdown Online / PDF
81 Charminster - Avonbourne Academy Online / PDF
2 Castlepoint - Avonbourne Academy (special school day morning journey) Online
33 Bournemouth Square - Christchurch via Boscombe - Royal Bournemouth Hospital - Southbourne Online

Duplicate vehicles - route 33

To ensure students travelling on our buses can get from A to B safely and easily, we have been working with BCP Council to provide duplicate journeys across the network. As from Monday 7th September, we will be providing an additional journey on route 33 numbered 33S. The destination blind will say Avonbourne Academy, Students Only. This journey will start from Alum Chine. This may be operated by a single or double deck bus and normal network fares will apply. Students can also continue to catch normal route 33 journeys on the network.

Fares and tickets

Routes 46 and 81 are dedicated school services and are subject to school child fares.

School child tickets

Period Ticket Cash & Contactless Online Travel Shop Mobile App
Single fare £2.50 -- -- --
1 Day £4.30 -- £4.30 £4.30
7 Day £18 -- £18 £18
30 Day £60 -- £60 £60
90 Day -- -- £175 £175
Annual Pass -- -- £690 £690

* Standard network passes, 90-minute tickets, Day, or Group tickets, ENCTS Concession Passes, Getting About or Plus Bus tickets are not accepted on school services.

Child day tickets

These tickets are not valid on routes 46 or 81.

Child Day Ticket Cash & Contactless Online Smartcard Mobile App
Zone A £2.80 -- £2.80 --

Child period tickets

All child period tickets are valid across the entire network (excluding dedicated school services).

These tickets are not valid on routes 46 or 81.

Period Ticket Cash & Contactless Online Travel Shop Mobile App
7 Day £16 £16 £16 --
30 Day £52 £52 £52 --

Single and return fares

Single and return fares will depend on the length of your journey and can only be purchased from the bus driver.

Other Yellow Buses routes that serve Avonbourne Academy (or nearby)

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