The benefits of advertising with Yellow Buses

1 year ago Wed 19th May 2021

Yellow Buses work with the advertising company Global for exterior advertising on vehicles. Global has a long history of selling this advertising on buses and we are happy to continue to promote this.

The recent Police and Crime Commissioner election in Dorset presented a great opportunity to use buses to promote the election and the candidates.

We would like to pass our congratulations on to David, who has been successfully elected as our new PCC for Dorset.

We asked David to make a few comments about his thoughts on bus advertising.

"Just wanted to take time out to give you feedback on how well the bus advertising campaign we ran across Dorset delivered. The objective was to raise awareness of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections and specifically myself as the Conservative Party candidate."

"I had so much feedback not only from family, friends and colleagues, but also when I was out and about campaigning, so many people I spoke to recognised me from seeing me on the bus backs. It really made a difference to how people engaged with me as so many were already aware of who I was and they were far more receptive to engage in a conversation. Buses are so much a part of the local community landscape, and the perfect vehicle to raise awareness in the right place at the right time as I campaigned to be the new Dorset PCC."

If you wish to arrange to advertise on Yellow Buses vehicles, please contact June Russell at [email protected].