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Bournemouth School for Girls

School Service 60

From Bournemouth University via Wallisdown > West Howe > East Howe > Ensbury Park > Moordown > Castle Lane West > Bournemouth Schools

Fares and Tickets

  • Glo 17 network passes are valid on this service and also entitle you to child fare up until your 19th birthday.

  • Paying in cash? Single journeys will be £2.20, or £4.00 for a return.

* Network 90 minute, Day, 3 Day, or Group tickets, ENCTS Concession Passes, Getting About or Plus Bus tickets are not accepted on school services.

Other Yellow Buses services to BSG and BSB

  • Route 3a: From Royal Bournemouth Hospital via Castlepoint > Mill road (BSG) > The Broadway > St Francis Church (BSB)

  • Route 3/3a: From Bournemouth via Lansdowne > Rail Station > Cemetery Junction > Charminster > St Francis Church (BSB) > The Broadway > Mill Road (BSG)

  • Route 2: From Boscombe > Pokesdown> Iford > Royal Bournemouth Hospital > Castlepoint

  • Route 2: From Royal Bournemouth Hospital > Castlepoint

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