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Using the Bus

Stop button on board a bus

1. Find where the bus goes and when…

It is easier than ever to get the information you need to catch your bus.

As well as using this timetable booklet you can view the bus services you need at all of our bus stops, browse our website where you will find our Journey Planner, call in for a warm welcome at our Travel Shop in Bournemouth Square (opposite Boots), or download our app to plan your journey and buy your ticket before you travel.

If you are looking for independent advice on all Public Transport call Traveline on 0871 200 22 33. If you want to know where the closest stop to you is just look at the individual maps on the timetable page.

2. What kind of journey are you making?

We want to make sure that you get the best possible value when you travel with us. On our buses as well as adult and child single tickets, you can buy day tickets, which means you can use the whole Yellow Buses network all day to travel as much as you like. If you are out with your family we have a family group ticket, which allows 2 adults and up to 3 children to travel all day.

If you travel regularly, you can purchase a Glo smartcard which is the best value way to travel. These are available in 7, 30, 90 day and 10 trip varieties (adult and child versions available). Cards are available by applying online, from PayPoint outlets across the area or from the travel office in Bournemouth Square opposite Boots.

If you aren’t sure which ticket is best for you, or the closest place to buy it, contact us.

3. At the bus stop

Our timetables list the times of every bus at your stop, including route maps with the main stops named. Use our website or app to find the bus stops closest to you (you'll need to let our website and apps know your location first).

As a bus approaches, look at the destination on the front. The bus will display the route number and destination, which is the last stop; it will usually show another major destination on the way as well. Main routes are normally operated by easy access, low floor buses making it easier for you to get on and off. Please clearly put out your hand so the driver knows you wish to board.

4. Buy your ticket on our app, from the driver or get our 'Glo' smartcard

Buy your ticket on our mobile app and either get a 90 minutes ticket or a 24 hour ticket. If you want to buy your ticket from the driver, tell him/her where you would like to go to and whether you'd like a one way or return trip. For great value, ask for a day ticket, which will give you unlimited travel until the end of the day. 

If you have applied for a Glo smart card, place it onto the target next to the ticket machine. The machine will ‘beep’ and read your card.

By using our app or smart card, instead of cash you're helping our buses keep to time. If you'd like to use cash instead please try and use the right change. 

Sometimes we carry out ticket inspections, so it's important for you to keep your ticket whilst on the bus. Mobile tickets and smart card tickets can also be inspected, so please allow our inspectors to validate your ticket on request. 

5. Find a seat and relax

Leave the driving to us and you’ll see far more than if you were travelling by car. With no parking worries, you can use your phone, read or listen to music too. When listening to music, please be considerate of all passengers.

6. When you want to get off, press the bell

The ‘Bus Stopping’ sign will light up… but please stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

We look forward to you travelling with us soon.