Energy Policy

Bournemouth Transport Ltd understands the key role energy management will play within our company across all functions and sectors. Our objectives to reduce energy use and carbon footprint will support our commitment to employees, passengers, the environment, and the local community of which we are a part.

To achieve our objectives we are committed to:

  1. Review energy performance on a regular basis  and implement changes where appropriate : 

  2. Ensuring we have resources an information in place to deliver our objectives. We will ensure all employees have the skills, equipment and training to help us deliver our objectives: 

  3. Comply with all legal, regulatory and other requirements while aspiring to exceed them where possible, and maintain an Energy Management System which conforms to ISO 50001: 

  4. Working  in partnership with colleagues, Passengers, Communities, and Suppliers to educate, learn,  and share best practice(s) to  continually improve our energy performance and Energy  Management System:

  5. Manage energy performance as an integral part of our business model allowing the results to be implemented to reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint: 

  6. Set baseline and subsequent targets for improvement, and measure, monitor and review on a regular basis, specially to ensure energy consumption and associated carbon emissions are considered in the planning and implementation of the business:

  7. Review new technology and design where possible to improve energy performance: 

The policy will be reviewed annually as part of our commitment to our Energy Management System.

Approved by

David Squire

Managing Director