Fare Zones


Fare Zone Map from 1st September 2019​​​​​​

To reflect the growing network, and to simplify our fares and tickets, the network is sectioned into Zones A, AB & ABC for day tickets.

  • Zone A:
    The network prior to 7th April (excluding the 737 route between Northbourne and Bournemouth Airport)
  • Zone AB:
    Zone A + the 737 to Bournemouth Airport + the 6 extension to Wimborne + Busters Beach Bus travelling from Boscombe Pier to Sandbanks
  • Zone ABC:
    Zone A + Zone B + the 1a extension to Highcliffe and New Milton

If travelling between zones on a route (eg. Bournemouth to Wimborne), you will need to purchase a joint zone ticket.

Additional Information

Network Passes

Existing 7-day, 30-day and 90-day network passes are valid across the entire new network (Zone ABC).

Buster's Beach Bus

Buster's Beach Bus replaces Route 7 between Bournemouth, Westbourne and Alum Chine.

Zone Boundary Lines
Zones A/AB
  • Route 737: Northbourne Roundabout
  • Route 6: Bearwood
  • Buster's Beach Bus: Alum Chine 
Zones A/ABC
  • Route 1: Somerford