Flexible5 Tickets

Flexible5, flexible working, flexible travel

Flexible working, flexible travel

As more people return to work, we want to make travelling by bus easier and more flexible for those who may be splitting their time between their workplaces and home or are perhaps travelling less frequently.

Flexible5 tickets offer an alternative to period tickets so that it's easy for you to choose when you travel, and to choose a ticket to best suit your needs.

Ticket bundles

Flexible5 ticket bundles are made up of 5 individual tickets that can be activated separately at a time of your choosing and do not have to be used on consecutive days.

Ticket Price
5x 1 day tickets (zones ABC) £20
5x 90 minute tickets (zones ABC) £13

Tickets are valid across zones ABC and you have up to 12 months to activate all your tickets from the day you purchase them.

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Flexible5 tickets are only available on the mobile app.

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