Nationwide effects on bus services

4 months ago Fri 14th Jan 2022

Route 3 bus in Bournemouth Square

The situation described in the latest Guardian article is nationwide and will impact Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole to some degree from April 2022. The positive message from our perspective is that we do have some very passionate people that work in our Council who continually put public transport on the front foot and we hope that these people will find a way to try and maintain as much of the current network that they can.
The number of people using buses has significantly reduced during the pandemic, some of these are because travel patterns have fundamentally changed. It could be that rather than commuting to the office, people are working from home, or concessionary pass holders who used to go shopping locally every day now shop online. More of a concern are those who have decided to get back into the car. Some statistics show that congestion has increased by over 10% since the pandemic. In most cases, our buses get stuck in the same traffic. The one thing that everyone can do to help the bus is to make more sustainable choices when travelling.
More people are moving towards electric cars, but there is still a construction process that is a drain on resources, and the creation of the electricity being used sometimes comes from gas-fired power stations, and the lithium for batteries has to be mined. Although it may be better than using a diesel vehicle, there is still a cost to the environment. It is better to not use the car at all and not to be stuck in the same traffic. But then why should you get into a diesel guzzling bus? Most people driving during the morning peak are alone, so one double deck bus could take over 70 cars off the road. So it is better to have one diesel bus than all this congestion. In terms of Yellow Buses, almost 50% of our fleet are Euro 6 Diesel engines and are substantially cleaner than cars. They leave very little carbon and nitrogen particulates which is impacting the environment - our diesel Yellow Buses are also green! 

It is also the case that most electric buses running in an urban environment will only do a maximum of 188 miles. This means that halfway through the day they will need to go back to the depot for a top-up which is not ideal.
We want people to come back to the bus. We want people to think about the environment, and see using the bus as a way of reducing traffic on the roads and making the environment where we all live a nicer place to be. People can choose to make one journey by bus each week. Our Flexible 5 ticket on the app will enable you to split the cost of travel over 5 weeks and it's cheaper than buying a ticket every day.
Our buses are safe, they are environmentally friendly and we need everyone's help to keep going.