2nd April - 24th September

The event creates a unique, exciting atmosphere as bikers and spectators enjoy a relaxed evening on Poole Quay. 

The quay glistens away as the evening sun bounces off these sparkling machines with both bikers and spectators mingling and having fun. The local pubs and restaurants offer a great selection of food and drink with many having “bike night” specials and there is often live music.

The winner of “Bike of the Night” will receive some bike related goodies.

Even if you have never been interested in bikes before this event really is something else and you can’t help but appreciate the time, effort, care and dedication that these men and women put into their bikes and this event. Plus where else are you going to see rows and rows of gleaming motorbikes? It’s quite an impressive sight!

Dream Machines is a great evening out for everyone of all ages, why not pop along and see for yourself! The event takes place every Tuesday from 2nd April 2019 until 24th September 2019.

Every Tuesday 18:00 - 21:00  
Bike Entry £1.00  
Seasonal Armband £9.00  

*Timings are approximate and subject to change on event day.


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