Reading buses enjoying a staycation holiday this year!

1 month ago Mon 26th Jul 2021

Reading buses and Yellow Buses

Buses need holidays too! Yes, it has been a busy year for all bus operators, keeping key workers travelling during the three lockdowns, but with high visitor numbers in Bournemouth, Yellow Buses were keen to increase capacity for the high Summer, and so six of Reading Buses high-capacity double-deckers will be spending Summer by the sea.

David Squire, Managing Director said, “Buses need a holiday too, and where better than to spend their summer months plying for trade in the South Coast’s premier resort of Bournemouth, famous for its award-winning golden beaches. We were really pleased to be able to partner with Reading Buses in order to boost our capacity on our keys routes linking Bournemouth and Christchurch for the Summer and we are extremely grateful for their assistance.”

Robert Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Reading Buses, said “We are delighted to be able to help our friends at Yellow Buses and send a few of our buses on holiday to the coast. We’ve made sure they have their sun cream and beach towels so that they can put their wheels up at the end of each day!”