sQuid is ending on 30th June

1 month ago Tue 15th Jun 2021

sQuid no longer accepted on Yellow Buses

As from Wednesday 30th June, passengers will no longer be able to purchase tickets on board our vehicles using sQuid.

Customers can no longer add more sQuid money to their smartcards, but the remaining balance can still be used to purchase tickets up until and including Wednesday 30th June.

How does this affect me?

This change will only affect customers who use the sQuid function on their smartcard. This will not affect smartcard users who top-up their smartcard with period passes, and will not affect mobile app users or those who buy tickets on the bus using other methods (eg. contactless bank cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, cash)

We would recommend that customers use any outstanding balances to purchase tickets.

To get a refund from sQuid, customers will need to contact sQuid directly and arrange for the refund (details can be found on the back of your smartcard, or below). Yellow Buses are not able to refund this money.

Contact sQuid

What should I use instead?

We are working on some different payment options for students and will announce these in due course.

Why not try switching to contactless or the mobile app today!