School Buses 2020/21

11 months ago Wed 26th Aug 2020


Get back to school...Safely & Easily!

Find everything you need to plan your journeys to and from school ready for the new term. We will keep this page updated with any future changes.

Travel information

To comply with the latest legislation, our dedicated commercial school services have been changed to dedicated ‘school’ services (routes 46, 60, 81, 85, 86, 87, 88). Normal school fares will be charged, but only customers travelling to that establishment will now be carried. Students travelling on these dedicated school services are classed as travelling together regularly in their own ‘bubble’, and as such, social distancing on board the vehicle does not apply. However, from 2nd December 2020, it is mandatory for any students aged 11+ to wear face coverings unless exempt.

For those travelling to school on network services (not dedicated school services), face coverings must be worn while travelling if they are aged 11+ unless exempt. More information on face coverings and exemptions can be found here.

We are working with the government and local councils to look at duplicating vehicles on the network and school buses should the need arise. If passenger numbers are high on network services with students travelling to school, we may operate duplicate vehicles as dedicated school services.

On top of our existing rigorous cleaning processes, we have introduced an intensified cleaning regime across our fleet and premises with all poles, handrails, seats and other key areas of our vehicles disinfected regularly. This includes buses being 'fogged' to help disinfect the entire bus. You can find more detailed information on our dedicated page here

Before travelling...

Using contactless methods of payment can eliminate contact with our drivers. If possible, we recommend purchasing tickets in advance on the YB Move app on your smartphone or pay using contactless with the driver. 

Remember to wash and sanitise your hands regularly, and to bring your face covering with you. Social distancing at bus stops also applies to students you should stand at least 2 metres apart wherever possible.

We're Good to Go - Yellow Buses have achieved Visit Britain’s official industry standard. 

Find your school

You can plan your journey here (remember to change the date to a school day)

School Timetable Fare type
Avonbourne Academy 46, 81 School
The Bishop of Winchester Academy 2, 3 Network
Bournemouth and Poole College (North Road campus) 1 Network
Bournemouth and Poole College (Lansdowne campus) 1, 1a, 1b, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5a, 6, 737 Network
Bournemouth School for Boys 60 School
Bournemouth School for Girls 60 School
Glenmoor Academy 5/5a Network
Highcliffe School 1a, 1b Network
Kings Park Academy  2, 33 Network
Lockyer's School MQ01 Closed door
Lytchett Minster School 45, 55 Closed door
Magna Academy 18 Network
Oakdale Junior School 744 School
Parkfield School PK1, PK2 Closed door
Parkstone Grammar School 18 Network
Poole Grammar School 18 Network
QE School 6 Network
St Peter's School 85, 86, 87, 88 School
Trafalgar School B4917 Closed door
Twynham School 133 Network
Winton Academy 5/5a Network

Duplicated school services

To ensure students travelling on our buses can get from A to B safely and easily, we have been working with BCP Council to provide duplicate journeys across the network that are closed for students from certain schools to help with social distancing. These journeys may be operated by a coach or a single or double deck bus and normal fares will apply. Students can also continue to catch normal journeys on the network.

School served Service Departing from Duplicating
Avonbourne Academy 33S Alum Chine - Avonbourne Academy 33
B&P College 1E Somerford - Bournemouth 1a
B&P College 5E Ensbury Park - Bournemouth 5
Bournemouth School for Girls 2G Bournemouth - Castlepoint 2
Bournemouth School for Girls 3G Bournemouth Station - Mill Road 3
Bishop of Winchester 2W Bournemouth - Castlepoint 2
Glenmoor and Winton Academies 5G Bournemouth - Ensbury Park 5
Parkstone Grammar School 18S Bournemouth - Parkstone Grammar School 18
St Peter's School 1S Bournemouth - St Peter’s School 1
St Peter's School 85S Kinson - St Peter’s School 85
St Peter's School 86S West Moors - St Peter’s School 86
St Peter's School 87S Ensbury Park - St Peter’s School 87
St Peter's School 88S Winton - St Peter’s School 88

Fares and Tickets

The fare structure from last year will continue to apply this September.

School child tickets

School child tickets are needed to travel on school services 46, 60, 80, 81, 85, 86, 87 and 88.

Period Ticket Cash & Contactless Online Travel Shop Mobile App
Single fare £2.50 -- -- --
1 Day £4.30 -- £4.30 £4.30
1 Day (x5) -- -- -- £19.50
7 Day £18 -- £18 £18
30 Day £60 -- £60 £60
90 Day -- -- £175 £175
Annual Pass -- -- £690 £690

* Standard network passes, 90-minute tickets, Day, or Group tickets, ENCTS Concession Passes, Getting About or Plus Bus tickets are not accepted on school services.

Child network day tickets

Child Day Ticket Cash & Contactless Online Smartcard Mobile App
Zone A £2.80 -- £2.80 --
Zone AB £3.70 -- £3.70 --
Zone ABC £4.30 -- £4.30 £4.30

Child network period tickets

All child period tickets are valid across the entire network (excluding dedicated school services).

Period Ticket Cash & Contactless Online Travel Shop Mobile App
7 Day £16 £16 £16 --
30 Day £52 £52 £52 --