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We are preparing for our new Smartcards. Please bear with us whilst we change systems.

Need to buy a ticket? No worries! Download our Mobile app from the App Store or Play store to get tickets to your phone instantly, get one on the bus or come into the Travel Shop in Bournemouth Square.

Read on to find out more about the new smartcard system and how to switch your card if you haven't already.

An illustration of the new smartcards

Adult fares and tickets

1 day network ticket £4.00
7 day network ticket £15.00
30 day network ticket £52.00
90 day network ticket £135.00

Child fares and tickets

1 day network ticket £2.60
7 day network ticket £14.00
30 day network ticket £49.00

Why are we changing the Glo Cards?

We are investing in new technology to give you more options and to take advantage of contactless payments which is now available!

Can I still use my Glo Card?

No – but the travel you have paid for can be transferred if it hasn't already.

What do I need to do?

Why not download our app and we will add your outstanding travel to it – email [email protected] or call into our Travel Shop near the square.

How do I get a new Smartcard?

You can collect one from the Travel Shop or email [email protected] and we will post one to you.

How do I top it up?

Top-up online using the 16 digit code on your smartcard, top-up at the Travel Shop, or board any of our buses and ask the driver.

I have a Glo Purse account.  What do I need to do?

You can transfer the balance to a new Smartcard which you can obtain from us (from the Travel Shop or by emailing [email protected]) and then follow the link on the website to sQuid – who will operate a system very similar to the Glo Purse.

What is sQuid?

sQuid is a system for ‘stored value’ which replaces our Glo Purse.  If you want to load a balance onto your card to use like cash when you board a bus then sQuid is for you.

Obtain a new smartcard and register with sQuid above.

How do I know my balance on Glo Purse?

Simply pop into the Travel Shop or email us at [email protected], have your card number ready and we’ll tell you the balance and explain your options.

When is the Travel Shop Open?

Monday - Friday – 09:30 – 17:30 and Saturdays – 09:30 – 17:00

I’m an adult, can I choose a photo to personalise my new card?

No, I’m sorry but the cards will all be a standard design – with a unique serial number. You can go online to register it as your own account.

What will happen to the Child cards?

The current Glo photocards can be used to show proof of entitlement of age until the child’s 19th birthday and they can buy great value reduced price tickets.

Before the term starts, please contact us for a new card to be issued (Either at the Travel Shop or email us at [email protected]).

I’m not sure how much travel is left on my Glo Card

Then why not call into the Travel Shop or email us at [email protected] and we will explain what is left and the best options.

Can I still use my adult Glo Card after 30th July?

The Glo Card won’t be valid for travel – however, if you have a printed paper ticket and carry your Glo Card, we will allow you to travel until the normal expiry date.

What’s best – the App or the new Smartcard?

We think the App is best – why not download it now and give it a try?

I have a 10 trip ticket / Multi-Day Ticket on my Glo Card – what should I do?

You can transfer the outstanding balance to the App or exchange them for vouchers which you swap for a paper ticket on bus from the driver. If you download the App you can call us and we will transfer any products over.

Alternatively, call into the Travel Shop or email us at [email protected] and we can get the vouchers to you.

Still have an old Glo card? See the flowcharts below for what you need to do next!

A flow chart of the Glo Card product changes on the smartcard

Product changes - Download PDF flowchart

What do you need to do? Flow chart for passengers for the smartcard switchover

How do you travel? - Download PDF flowchart

Any questions, please get in touch