Social Distancing

10 months ago Fri 18th Sep 2020

  • Drivers are still not required to wear face coverings as we have mitigation in place in terms of screens on the driver cab
  • Customers are asked to social distance at the bus stop by at least 1 metre if mitigation is in place, in this case face coverings. If not, it should be at least 2 metres apart
  • When boarding we would ask that customers let those customers disembarking to leave first
  • We would ask that customers use the app or contactless to pay where possible, drivers will still accept cash
  • When taking seats please sit on the seat closest to the window, this leaves the biggest gap between customers
  • Those travelling with family members or members of the same bubble can sit together, otherwise customers should avoid sitting next to someone they do not know
  • This means that the vehicle capacity is approximately 50% of what it would normally carry
  • Where vehicles have a seated load, the driver may display, ‘Bus Full’ on the destination blind until passengers have disembarked and they can be replaced by new ones.  This means that the bus showing ‘Bus Full’ may not call at stops.
  • Social distancing on board the vehicle does not apply to home to school buses or dedicated school buses. All students should be wearing face coverings.
  • All customers boarding the vehicle should wear face coverings, except if you are exempt. A full list of exemptions can be found on the Department for Transport website.
  • In most cases our drivers will not ask customers boarding to cover faces because we have been asked by the local authority and Government not to single out people who may be suffering from an anxiety to travelling or wearing a mask. We are relying on the public to wear masks where they can.
  • Outside of London the enforcement of this rule has been handed to the Police by Government. If we are made aware of individuals who continually fail to comply with the rules we will report them to the relevant authorities.
  • We have intensified the cleaning regime so that major cleans take place more often. All surfaces that can be touched are cleaned and disinfected every night on every bus.
  • We will do everything we can to ensure that travelling by bus is safe and will be continue to be viable for the future.