The use of face coverings from 19th July

2 months ago Fri 16th Jul 2021

The industry, including Yellow Buses, has made massive efforts to keep buses safe during the pandemic.

Bus operators adopted social distancing both on and off the bus by reducing spaces on board vehicles. 

Every vehicle was given sanitiser and enhanced cleaning regimes were commenced where every touchpoint on vehicles such as handles and buttons that customers used were cleaned regularly. 

The UK Government’s decision to proceed with step 4 of its Covid-19 roadmap means face coverings and social distancing will no longer be required in England from Monday 19th July. Regulations requiring face coverings will be removed and the government now “expects and recommends that people wear face coverings only in crowded areas which could include public transport”.

Yellow Buses, however, will continue to ensure that the buses are cleaned to a higher standard, and will ensure that sanitiser is on board all vehicles, and will ask customers to use all forward facing seats and avoid standing where possible. We want our customers to continue to be safe on board our vehicles.

What does this mean for customers travelling on board a normal Yellow Buses service?

The Department for Transport and our trade body the Confederation for Passenger Transport feel that there could be situations where the bus becomes crowded as part of the journey. 

Therefore, to ensure that everyone stays safe, bus companies will strongly advise customers to wear a face covering when travelling. This, however, is no longer mandatory and will not be enforced.

Is the situation different on school buses?

Social distancing is no longer required on buses that operate school services and home to school transport. As a result, some buses may become crowded. Therefore, the Department for Education is recommending that children and young people aged 11 and over continue to wear a face covering when travelling to secondary school or college.

Yellow Buses continues to operate most bus routes at pre-pandemic frequencies, and many double deck vehicles are being operated. As a result, they are currently unlikely to become crowded. The bus continues to be a safe way to travel and the company will continue with the enhanced cleaning regime until it is no longer required.

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