Welcome Aboard

3 weeks ago Wed 27th Apr 2022

Welcome Aboard to Dante

We would like to welcome Dante aboard our fleet, who is ready to serve our fantastic customers.

Dante came to us with his car driving licence, and our skilled training team have enabled Dante to pass his PCV test and become a bus driver with the Yellows!

Yellow Buses, historically known as Bournemouth Transport and owned and run by the Council, was privately owned from 2002 up until 2019. Today the company is locally owned and operated by three directors and we have almost 400 local employees who live in the community we serve. Yellow Buses is your local bus company.

If you Love Bournemouth and want to drive a Yellow Bus, why not find out more about what we can offer you and apply today!

If you have a driving licence, we can train you like Dante to drive our buses. Once qualified you can earn over £500 a week before stoppages. We provide uniform, coats, and shoes, and each employee and a partner can enjoy free travel on local buses.

If you fancy driving a Yellow Bus around Bournemouth all day and chatting to people along the way, then give us a go!

Love Bournemouth? Love Driving a Yellow Bus.