Winter Service Changes

Winter Changes

In order to maintain and reliable and punctual bus network, it has been necessary to roll back our summer enhancements from the beginning of September. At the same time, we have taken the opportunity to make certain improvements to the network ready for the Winter.

For example…

  • The extension of route 1a from Somerford to Highcliffe and New Milton has been so successful that we are increasing the Monday to Friday frequency for most of the day to every 30 minutes.
  • An am and pm journey of Route 1 will start and finish from Burton. This will provide key links from Burton to St Peters and Twynham Schools.
  • The extension of Route 6 from Bearwood to Wimborne continues, and one am and pm peak journey has been extended from Wimborne Square to QE School providing a direct link from Bearwood and Merley.
  • Bus every 10 minutes from Bournemouth town centre, to Bournemouth Railway Station and Charminster between
  • Routes 3/5/5a Monday to Saturday evenings from 1900 until 2300
  • Extra buses on Route 6 between Bournemouth and Wallisdown

Other Changes

1/1b Poole (1) – Westbourne (1) – Triangle – Boscombe – Southbourne – Cranleigh Road (1b) – Christchurch – Somerford Estate (1b)

Monday to Saturday daytime timetable is unchanged. 

Evening departures from Poole are reduced for the winter.  Evening frequency to Christchurch will every 20 minutes with only one 1b per hour. Combined with route 1a this will be 5 buses per hour. 

Sunday buses between Christchurch and Poole are retained and operate for the shopping period. 

Monday to Friday off peak journeys around Somerford Estate withdrawn.

One am and one pm journey extended to Burton to provide link to schools.


Bournemouth – Boscombe – Iford – Christchurch – Somerford – Highcliffe – New Milton

Monday to Friday timetable increased to operate every 30 minutes between 0900 and 1400 between Somerford and New Milton.



Bournemouth – Springbourne – Boscombe – Iford – RBH – Castlepoint

Minor changes to times.  2h retained.


Westbourne – Bournemouth – Charminster – Castlepoint - RBH

Monday to Saturday daytime timetable unchanged. 

Evening frequency from 1900 changed to every 20 minutes but interworked with route 5 to create 10 minute headway from Bournemouth through Rail Station  to Charminster.



Bournemouth – Winton – Westover – Muscliffe (4) – Kinson/Bearwood (4a)

Monday to Saturday daytime timetable unchanged. 

Some late 4a journeys are taken out for the winter Monday to Sunday


Bournemouth – Charminster – Winton – East/West Howe - Kinson

Some additional peak journeys Monday to Friday. 

Sunday daytime frequency returned to pre summer level, Monday to Saturday evening service from 1900 buses run every 20 minutes interworked with route 3 to provide 10 minute head way to Rail Station and Charminster


Bournemouth – Winton – University – Wallisdown – Bearwood - Wimborne

Monday to Friday daytime service extended to Queen Elizabeth school. 

Offpeak journeys marked as 6a become 6s and serve Wallisdown Cross again. 

Some additional peak journeys will operate as route 6 Monday to Friday

Saturday and Sunday timetable unchanged.

School services 46, 60, 81, 85, 86, 87, 88 and 111 continue unchanged

New timetables will be available online as from the beginning of August.