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Winter Service Changes

7 Days Ago 7th Aug

Winter Service Changes - Buster Bear

We will be making our changes for the winter as from Sunday 9th September 2018.  The network that we introduced in April 2018 will remain broadly the same but with some minor changes to timetables. In particular, to better match demand we will be making some changes to frequencies on a Saturday afternoon.  

We will be making greater changes to the following routes.

  • The frequency of Route 1b will be changed to operate every 20 minutes.  Prior to April 2018 buses through Cranleigh Road operated every 20 minutes. Following the changes in April 2018 we increased this to every 15 minutes, but unfortunately, we have not seen a growth in passenger numbers over the period and therefore we will revert to the previous frequency for the winter.
  • We will be merging routes 3/3a to improve connections to the hospital.  New Route 3 will operate between Westbourne and the Hospital via Bournemouth, Charminster Road, and Castlepoint.  The new route 3 will operate every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime.

In order to match the resources on route 8 to the demand, the timetable will be changed for the winter to operate off-peak between Wallisdown Crossroads and Boscombe. The peak times will be designed to match shifts at Discovery Court. 

  • As from Friday 28th September running into Saturday morning, and on Wednesdays running into Thursday morning we will be operating a new night bus route N5  It will operate 5 journeys overnight and is designed to connect Bournemouth Town Centre and the Lansdowne to the Rail Station, Winton, Charminster, Ensbury Park and the Talbot University Campus.
  • We will be introducing winter timetable for Route 7 as from 30th September.  This will mean that buses will operate every hour Monday to Saturday, but there will not be a winter Sunday service as in previous years.

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