World Car Free Day

2 months ago Sat 18th Sep 2021

World Car Free Day is Wednesday 22nd September

Yellow Buses is proud to support and celebrate this important Worldwide event as we recover from the pandemic and start the countdown to the climate change summit in Glasgow (COP 26), with those customers seeking flexible travel or flexible working, Yellow Buses will be offering a discount on our Flexible 5 ticket that can be purchased through the Yellow Buses app.

Customers will need to download and sign up to the Yellow Buses app, within the ‘Mobile Ticket’ section there is a Flexible 5 tab. This offers 5-day tickets covering zones ABC for £20 which is effectively £4 per day. As from Saturday 18th September until Saturday 25th September this Flexible 5 ticket will be offered at £10 giving a 50% discount.

The Flexible 5 ticket is the same price as a week ticket and can be drawn down to use on individual days of travel. It is ideal for someone commuting to work 3 days a week.

Yellow Buses will also be partnering with Hot Radio on Wednesday 22nd September to give away 10 weekly tickets for the Yellow Buses network. 

Full details will be available by listening to Hot Drive on Hot Radio, on your smart speaker, 102.8FM, at and on DAB. 

World Car Free Day is designed so that we promote the use of transport other than the car, this includes walking, cycling and public transport.  

Simon Newport, Commercial Director for Yellow Buses said, “Buses, even diesel fuelled buses are up to 10% cleaner than private cars, the latest Euro 6 bus engines are less polluting than a modern car, and in some cases, the air that comes out of the bus is actually cleaner than the air that goes in!”

The main types of pollutants in terms of particulate matter are nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Simon continued, “In terms of numbers travelling, a full double deck bus carrying 70 people can take up to 70 cars off the road. The more we can create this modal shift and the more cars we take off the road, the easier it is for public transport to travel around the conurbation.”

Simon said, “At the same time we can now offer customers flexible ways to travel that are cost-effective through using the flexible 5 tickets on our app.”

Yellow Buses is a locally owned and operated business and we are pleased to partner with other local businesses that truly sit at the heart of the communities that we serve, one such organisation being Hot Radio.

The Bournemouth Conurbation has been identified by Tom-Tom as one of the most congested places in the country, and statistics suggest that congestion is now back up to pre-pandemic levels and probably worse in some places, so the more people that transfer to other modes of transport, the easier it will be to travel around.

Save 50% on 5 x 1-day tickets!

To celebrate World Car Free Day this Wednesday, we are offering a 50% discount on our bundle of 5 x 1 day tickets (zone ABC), meaning you can travel for just £2 a day by bus.

Get your discount in 3 easy steps

  1. Download the YB Move app
  2. Go to Flexible5 under mobile tickets
  3. Choose the 1 day (x5) ticket and enter the code CARFREE21

Terms & Conditions: this discount code is limited to 5 uses per mobile app account, offer ends on 25th September 2021.