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Yellow Buses feline charitable

23 Days Ago 28th Sep

Yellow Buses feline charitable

Diane Avery, President of the Lions Club of Bournemouth, with the rest of her pride and Fiona Harwood from Yellow Buses 

Yellow Buses’ newly-branded vehicle is set to be the mane attraction on the roads – because it’s got Lions Club logos all over it.

The work is to mark the centenary last year of the Lions and already the bus has got off to a roaring start.

Yellow Buses wanted to highlight the landmark anniversary to assist the charitable organisation in Bournemouth raise its profile.

So one of its buses has the Lions’ logo on the side along with the message ‘Proud to be supporting the Lions Club of Bournemouth’.

Diane Avery, President, said: “We’ve just had our centenary year and knowing Yellow Buses do a lot for charity we asked if they might put our logo on a bus.

“But they went much further than that with our lion and branding all around it.

“We are keen to recruit new members and this will really help raise our profile.

“All you need to be a Lion is to have a little time to spare and the need to help others. 

“We are non-religious and non-political and you would gain a new family of friends who also have a great social life.”

Fiona Harwood from Yellow Buses said: “With a large fleet across the conurbation the signage on our buses obviously has a value.

“But we also are passionate about helping charities and the community which we serve.

“The Lions Club of Bournemouth has similar aims and for the Lions’ centenary year we thought that branding a bus would be a good way to mark this achievement.”

Lions Club International has 1.4m members across the world and exists to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote international understanding.

It’s the largest voluntary organisation in the world.

The Lions Club of Bournemouth puts on lots of events including pantomimes, and murder mysteries as well as raising money and helping the community.


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